charlotte athena som :)

multispecialist technician & computer multimedia artist

hello! welcome to i'm charlotte! the domain is, like, my name :o

in my free time, i reverse engineer & mod games, make little websites, write real-time audio plugins, and do music production.

currently, the project that takes up the majority of my free time is a work-in-progress additive synthesizer.

you can find some of my software projects on github and

if you'd like to get in contact with me (e.g. to show me something you think i'd find interesting, or just to ask a question), you can send me an email:charlotte AT som DOT codes

i hope you have a nice day!


like any computer toucher, i have written a lot of software so far. here is a selection:

  • Paramorphism (discontinued) – a JVM bytecode obfuscator targeting Java/Kotlin
  • Koffee – a programmable JVM bytecode assembler DSL in Kotlin
  • phoebe – a best-effort double-puppeting bridge for Discord and Matrix
  • ssh-lockbox - a centralized store & deployment solution for users' public SSH keys


i am super into hyperpop & dubstep. i just love maximalist sound design! i'm also really into DSP and music software, so I will (eventually) release some audio plug-ins for music production.

i don't have many songs out yet, but you can find some of my live sets on SoundCloud. they're, like, heavily-produced mashup compilations.