i told myself i would write more this year

but first, I had to invent the universe

haha, hey! welcome to my new site!! I’ve moved all of my blog posts over and I will be setting up redirects from the old places, since “cool URLs don’t change” and all1.

inventing the universe

so I made a new blog engine today today! i’m using Lume to generate this site, which is a Deno-based static site generator. you might remember that i previously had one of these in 2019 (5 years ago!!) when Deno was just taking off, but i switched away to my Rust one, siru.

i really, really love Deno. TypeScript is an amazing language for code that is written about-once, and the ESM-first approach + not having to deal with Node dependency management is great :3

i will be porting some of siru’s features to Lume via cdylib crates & Deno FFI, so expect to see tree-sitter based syntax highlighting (via chroma-syntaxis) for Lume very soon!

writing more

i’ve resolved to do it this year! I’m trying to overcome some perfectionism2 but I have lots to talk about: software architecture, sound design & DSP, digital archivism, and lots of cursed repurposing of tools :)

i also plan to finish up my article for nullpt.rs, which is something I have been meaning to do for a while…

see you around!

  1. https://www.w3.org/Provider/Style/URI ↩︎

  2. i haven’t really written properly since 2020, and in the intervening years i’ve adopted this lowercase, informal, and imperfect communication style. i’m big on typographic-style-as-tone in the textual internet age, but i think that’s a whole other article to get myself into… ↩︎