hiding phone number display on Signal Desktop

they rejected my PR, so i'll just do it myself

Today, we’re going to patch the Signal desktop app to hide phone numbers. I need this functionality because of shoulder surfing / screen sharing / whatever.

A screenshot showing an exposed phone number on Signal's desktop app


A while ago, I submitted a PR to Signal to hide the phone numbers in the conversation view, to bring the desktop app the same functionality offered by an update to the mobile app. After having to sign a CLA, and after three months(!) of silence (despite requesting some help), I received a small note about how they “have other ideas about how to address [this problem]”, and my pull request was closed.

So, today, I’m going to do it myself, to an install of signal-desktop from the Arch repos.


signal-desktop is the Arch Linux package I use for Signal. If you want to reproduce these steps, that’s probably what you want to use. It’ll most likely work with other installations of Signal though.

Electron and the asar format

Since Signal Desktop is an Electron application, it should be relatively simple to modify its presentation to suit our needs. Every Electron app has a ‘resources’ folder which contains the JavaScript source files (or, more likely, heavily processed transpiled-to-JavaScript blobs) necessary for its execution. Sometimes, these source files are packed in an ‘asar’ file - You can think of this like an Electron-specific ‘tar’ file if you will, but the source is open for the tools required to read the file format.

Anyway, we install the asar archiver tool with npm (but you can get it from the Arch repos via pacman if you are so inclined)

$ sudo npm install -g asar

Extracting the code

So, to get at the Signal code, we want to extract the asar file and edit its contents:

/usr/lib/signal-desktop $ asar e app.asar /tmp/signal-app

This extracts just fine, as opposed to previous packagings of Signal (namely, some AUR packages). We can now go to /tmp/signal-app to edit the sources.

From writing the PR, I know that the phone number is rendered in ts/components/conversation/ConversationHeader.tsx, which you can view the source of here.

So we know that the compiled JS file will probably be called ts/components/conversation/ConversationHeader.js. After viewing it, we see that we can apply a very simple change to get our desired behaviour:

    renderTitle() {
-     const { name, phoneNumber, i18n, isMe, profileName, isVerified, } = this.props;
+     const { name, i18n, isMe, profileName, isVerified, } = this.props;
+     const phoneNumber = null;
      if (isMe) {
        return (react_1.default.createElement("div", { className: "module-conversation-header__title" }, i18n('noteToSelf')));

Even with very little knowledge of React or Electron, it’s simple to just set phoneNumber to null instead of receiving it from the component’s props.

Packing it back up

Here, we just replace the old app.asar with the new one, based on the extracted contents:

/tmp/signal-app $ cd ..
/tmp $ asar p signal-app app.asar
/tmp $ sudo mv app.asar /usr/lib/signal-desktop/app.asar

Cool, we’re done. Now I won’t inadvertently dox my friends when I screen-share. Great.

It’s a shame I had to do this myself, when multiple people have requested this feature. I hope these instructions can help somebody out.

A screenshot without a phone number on Signal's desktop app